Thanks to my wonderful mother, I recently had some homemade french fries done in the traditional (read:”right” style, going by the Larousse) wherein the fries are cooked briefly in oil, removed and rested temporarily, and then immersed again until light golden. The results were delectable, to say the least. Where one can normally assume that most fries have a crisp exterior, soft interior, and decent mouth-feel and flavour, these excelled on all counts. They had a light, almost fluffy quality to them, with a surprisingly distinct surface texture-crisp, but not dry to the point of detriment.

They made a strong impression on me, to say the least. I’ll be honest, on my money, it’s generally going to be a nice pub or sushi joint when it’s time to eat out, rather than anything overly fancy (the visits to those sorts will be accompanied by distinctly more photos than has been the average, this far, and probably fairly emphatic musing as to how I wished I could eat there exclusively. My first visit to Canoe, a couple years back, haunted my taste buds for months. For a while, I could recall every flavour and moment of the meal in exacting detail). Due to this, I’m fairly hyper-critical of the perceived value of lower-end food, and love discovering cheap restos that do staple grease really well. Some, like the Auld Spot, on the Danforth strip in Toronto, excel at the fry du jour, the sweet potato fry. Others are clearly just deep frying the frozen oven fries, which produces middling results. Most fail to deliver something to the table that is both warm, fried properly, and flavourful.

The wind up of all this? While I still aim to try out some of the higher-end restos that offer fries (former JK Wine Bar, Les Halles in New York), I am utterly convinced that with enough tweaking and testing of all variables involved, I can create the perfect French fries at home. I aim to test various potatoes, prep methods, oil temps, until I’m completely pleased with the results.

I’ll keep you posted


3 Responses to “Mmmmm…fattening”

  1. keirensmith Says:

    A-hem. Didn’t feel the need to mention that the person who provided you with this stellar culinary experience was somehow, surprisingly, unimaginably–your mother? Just because Michael Pollan slams his mother’s cooking; just because Gordon Ramsay makes fun of his mother on the F Word, doesn’t mean that you can’t spare me one nice comment when you like one teeny, tiny food item I make! (Michael Smith attributes his interest in food to his mother and her cooking!)

  2. ktsssssmith Says:

    Heh. At least you didn’t write the part where, when I said I was going to make fries, you said, “Are you going to do them the right way?” LOL.

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