Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert? Damn my lack of satellite radio access!

Does anyone know if there’re archives for Sirius XM shows? I don’t have a subscription, and now desperately want one for a 5 week duration. Now, if this was a physical dialogue between me and you, this would be the time to ask “Oh, why do you want a subscription to satellite radio?”, and I’d have to respond, “well, silly-you clearly aren’t paying too much attention to the news” Or the title of this post.

At this point, my conversational sparring partner would probably roll their eyes and ignore me, so, I’ll spare you- It’s been announced that Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert are going to be hosting a 5 part show on Martha Stewart’s (no need to hyperlink for her, right? I’ll assume everyone is on the same page as to who she is) Sirius Channel. At her behest!(apparently they appeared on her show last year, and were such a hit that it gave genesis to this) Weird, huh? It’s called Turn & Burn, and will discuss things such as the near-pornographic advertising and embellishing used in the food industry, and have a call-in portion.

I knew Bourdain had gone from having disdain for Ripert, to open admiration (if I recall, in Kitchen Confidential, he more or less admits to being jealous of his prodigious skill), but it’s amusing to learn that they’re actually good friends now. If anything, it’s one of the things I respect Tony for-unlike most of the celebrity chefs who still rail about how much they hate celebrity chefs, he’s come to grips with it, and is able to delineate between someone who has just been commercialized and branded, to chefs who have come under the spotlight based on their own merits. I’ll probably touch more on this in the future, as it’s something that deserves a focused look, and not something I’ll just casually toss together to fill out the end of this post.

Ah well, it’s not like I’m up to date on No Reservations, so I’ll console myself with episodes of that.


One Response to “Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert? Damn my lack of satellite radio access!”

  1. Bourdain seems to have a few examples of his complicated love/hate for others…I’m trying to remember the name of one of theleading proponents of the whole “eat local foods” movement…Alice Waters ( )! He admires what she wants to do, but not how she goes about it.

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