So, let’s get this thing started- I’m going to expound about food. You’re [hopefully] going to read what I write (don’t worry-I don’t necessarily require a captive audience for me to go on at length, it’s just a pleasant bonus). What, to get a little more in-depth, is going to constitute the meat of this relationship? I’m going to talk about food, in relation to my daily life-the food I eat, where I eat it, who inspires me to cook it.

There may be photos, and there will be long-winded rants and rages when I mess up something I poured hours of work into.


2 Responses to “IT BEGINS”

  1. Heh–you never required participation all those years of telling me about video games! This will have a chance of being more interactive–I get to make comments and you can only reply when I’m all done!

    Looks good! And I like the theme you picked.

  2. TanteAlice Says:

    One of the best blogs I have seen yet! Looking forward to seeing more.

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